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Greetings Everyone:

Welcome to the 7th monthly newsletter of the Gandhi-King Global Initiative.

These are remarkably uncertain times around the world. We have threats to humanity from climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and a growing nationalist movement in leadership. We also have remarkable worldwide movements of solidarity, multigenerational and multicultural allyship sweeping the world opposing racism, inequity and police brutality.

An example of such is Yazmeen Trinity Norwood, the daughter of Chris Norwood, representative for GKGI Network Member and Vice President of the Milpitas Unified School District. Yazmeen is a rising sophomore at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and spoke from her heart in a speech before Milpitas City Hall on June 6 (tap on link below to view video).



This movement is remarkable because it actually brings together a significant range of important issues (equality, justice and human and civil rights) that have been largely ignored overall by world leadership, but this movement also appears that it might have the required momentum needed which is so great that it might not give up until real change occurs.  Thus there have been nightly demonstrations for weeks focused on accountability and change.  This movement has dovetailed nicely with the #MeToo movement which has sought justice and to stop sexual assault and violence by holding perpetrators accountable like never before.


*** See below for participation in the development of a GKGI Statement regarding this movement against systemic racism and police brutality.


These movements reflect the realization that there can be no real long-term peace without justice and equality and respect for human rights.


The main focus of the Gandhi-King Global Initiative (GKGI) is global peace and justice work.   If you wish to join us, please write us at


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Also, please don’t hesitate to share with us your activities related to peace, justice and human rights.


And, of course, please don’t hesitate to share with us how you are making the most of this extraordinary situation and we’ll print the responses in next month’s newsletter:

What’s New to GKGI



Below please find a link to a google document where I have pulled together the GKGN member statements I have received in response to the police brutality that led to George Floyd’s death and the ensuing global protests.


If you would like to add a statement or video to this working document I encourage you to do so. If you prefer to email me ( your statement I can add it to the document for you. Dr. Carson will then lead us in the collaborative creation of a formal statement from GKGN which we intend to share as broadly as possible.



The GKGI weekly conference calls have been going very well with fascinating speakers and impromptu discussion on many important and relevant topics about peace, justice, philosophy and current events.


We have begun recording them.  Those recordings can be accessed at:

The guest speakers and discussions so far for June have been:


  • June 25 – Dr. Clayborne Carson led a discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement and demonstrations protesting systemic racism and police brutality that have been rocking the world since the murder of George Floyd last month by white police officers.

  • June 19 – David LeMieux, Creative Director, discussed his multi-media production, “At the Table with Dr. King”, which presents the life and teachings of Dr. King, in an inspiring and educational theatrical production, that has now been adapted as a school curriculum and in an online webpage format as well.  The production is distinguished by it’s liberal usage of photos from the era integrated with musical and narrated explanatory material.  Website:

  • June 12 – Dr. Clayborne Carson led a discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement and demonstrations protesting systemic racism and police brutality that have been rocking the world since the murder of George Floyd last month by white police officers.

  • June 5 – Dr. Clayborne Carson led a discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement and demonstrations protesting systemic racism and police brutality that have been rocking the world since the murder of George Floyd last month by white police officers.

In addition to the weekly conference calls, we have been sending out monthly newsletters since December of last year.  The past newsletters can now be accessed at this link:


Also, the many writings of Prasad Gollanapalli have been collected and made public.  His writings do not represent the official view of GKGI, but they are informative, fascinating and inspirational.  They can be viewed here:


Any questions, suggestions or feedback about GKGI, or our newsletter, or do you have a news item for the next edition?  Please contact us without hesitation at:

What’s New for GKGI Network-Members

GKGI Network-Member Communities without Boundaries International



Communities Without Boundaries International, Inc. and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network are collaborating to carry out a national initiative that introduces sustainable development concepts in local communities.   The purpose of the initiative is to effect a national movement that is rooted in local communities for improving the quality of life of all Americans by redressing poverty, building community, and fostering the common good through sustainable development strategies that are efficient and fair. Its strategy anticipates the need for political, social, and economic solutions. It begins with articulating such strategies as goals for targeted communities across the nation and a plan of action for achieving them.



AfghanHighPeaceCouncilCommunities Without Boundaries International, Inc. (CWBI) presented an introduction to reconciliation and conflict resolution education program for members of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council in November 2014. The Afghan High Peace Council is composed of a number of influential members of Afghan society to include politicians, statesmen, military, academic and other walks of life. The purpose of the High Peace Council is to seek reconciliation with insurgents to end the war.


Communities without Boundaries International

P.O.Box 1684, Atlanta, GA 30301

Phone: (404) 346-0002


GKGI Network-Member Dolores Huerta Foundation


Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative

In partnership with the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, the DHF is currently launching the Youth and Family Civic Engagement Initiative to increase civic participation among low-income, disenfranchised youth and their families to reduce racial and socio-economic disparities. Through evidence-based best practices, the YFCE Initiative trains youth and family members for meaningful leadership roles and civic participation.

A leadership cohort of 200 low-income, diverse young people will be recruited and selected from local middle and high schools (in Kern, Fresno, Alameda & Contra Costa counties). They will attend intensive civics and leadership classes offered during all school breaks, some evenings and Saturdays. In addition to the classes, cohort members participate in leadership exchanges, public speaking, community advocacy, and they take on leadership roles in community improvement and civic projects.


Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

In Spring 2018, DHF’s Vecinos Unidos were active in advocating for education reform. DHF’s Education Department provided a total of 18 LCAP trainings to prepare Vecinos for the Local Control Accountability Plan (budgeting) input process. Vecinos Unidos(Neighbors United) Chapters representing 10 school districts. A total of 207 participants advocated at board meetings and/or public hearings, a total of 74 recommendations were submitted to the school districts, and 37 out of the 74 LCAP recommendations were adopted for the 2018-19 school year. Recommendations included increased funding to implement translation services, enhance Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS),the  implementation of cultural awareness curriculum and training, more counselors, and the hiring of more teachers of color.



Dolores Huerta Foundation

P.O. Box 2087

Bakersfield, CA 93303

Phone: (661) 322 3033


GKGI Network-Member Human Rights Coalition of  the Central Valley (HRCCV)

Founding member Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor representing HRCCV reports attending weekly BLM prayer vigils in Fresno.


Human Rights Coalition of the Central Valley

Contact Page:

Debate about Gandhi’s Racism

Dr. Kapoor also reports how the debate over Gandhi’s racist writings when he was young have come to the Fresno State campus.  Here is a link to an article in the campus newspaper about this issue:


In response, David Gengan, of the GKGI Network-Member, Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Memorial Committee, sent us this article by E.S. Reddy, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director of the UN Centre against Apartheid, which puts Gandhi’s racism in historical context.  Please distribute this excellent article widely to help communicate the full truth about Gandhi.


Dr. Clayborne Carson, director of the GKGI Network-Member, MLK Research and Education Institute at Stanford University reiterates this point, when he says,  “I strongly oppose this. Once we demand perfect leaders, who would dare step forward to lead?”   We must allow for personal growth and change.


GKGI Network-Member Ela Gandhi sent in the following documents giving historic context and explanation for Gandhi’s early racism:


ACTION ITEM:  The reporter on the Fresno State campus that wrote the above article is named Anthony De Leon.  He is also the Editor-in-Chief.  Please send him your comments and a copy of this article to his email at:

GKGI Network-Member Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Youth Leadership Academy

The Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center Leadership Academy offers a community based, out of school peer-coaching leadership experience, that strengthens inter-generational, interracial social relationships to increase civic engagement, success in school, and resiliency. Classes are held on Saturdays, winter break and on summer vacations.

Program Summary

  • Arduous civic leadership classes feature dynamic program alums who serve as peer facilitators.

  • Facilitators are highly skilled in the Freedom Center’s peer-coaching method.

  • Classes focus on addressing specific problems or inequities they feel need to be addressed in civic life, and they take on leadership roles with the support of their peers, in problem solving and advocacy.

  • Freedom Center staff work with community based organizations and school personnel to select and nominate youth with emergent leadership skill.

  • Most students who are nominated are immigrants, in foster care, face housing insecurity and speak limited English.

  • Freedom Center students and staff conduct introductory classes, and immediately carry out home visits with 100% of the families.

  • Classes include at Thanksgiving, Days of Gratitude on the history of Native Sovereignty and the role of Gratitude; Winter Break a full-week series of classes on The Life and Legacy of Dr King Martin Luther King Jr; and an intensive six-week traveling summer “Boot Camp” in civic leadership. Days-long and over-night activities include cultural leadership exchanges to urban, tribal, rural, and natural out-door settings.


If you are a young person or an adult and would like to participate in the Leadership Academy, or if you would like to bring classes to your school or community organization, call the Freedom Center office today! Office phone: 510-434-3988.


Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Office Address: 12500 Campus Drive, Bldg. D, Rm 187

Oakland, CA 94619

Mailing Address: 333 E 8th St. Oakland, CA 94606

Office Phone: 510-434-3988


GKGI Network-Member MLK Research and Education Institute

The Liberation Curriculum


“We have inherited a large house, a great ‘world house’ in which we have to live together—black and white, Easterner and Westerner, Gentile and Jew, Catholic and Protestant, Muslim and Hindu—a family unduly separated in ideas, culture and interest, who, because we can never again live apart, must learn somehow to live with each other in peace.”


The World House, From: Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community, Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967


Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute

Stanford University, Cypress Hall D

466 Via Ortega, Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 723-2092


GKGI Network-Member Professor Michael Honey

Professor Michael Honey presents a very relevant 10-step outline for social transformation in the United States, inspired by South Africa’s Freedom Charter, and authored by Jack O’Dell in 2015. The Democracy Charter, summarized below, seeks to enlarge the public’s understanding of the connectedness of these issues as a way to achieve a social transformation of American society. This is the ultimate purpose of our movement.


Michael Honey, Haley Professor of Humanities,

Radcliffe/Harvard Institute fellow:

MLK and Economic Justice: Time magazine, March 2, 2020

GKGI Network-Member Nonviolence International

The Graduate Plan


Nonviolence International New York, in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), is honored to introduce the Graduate Program – a 3/6 month in-depth training program in the United Nations in diplomacy and international multilateral programming.


The program will provide a direct experience of UN high level processes as member-states work with civil society and other stakeholders under the guidance of UN agency staff on various issues (disarmament, peacebuilding, social and sustainable development, and others).


In addition, the Graduate Program provides leadership training and nonviolent conflict resolution training, of which both are directly relevant to work at the UN and in international affairs.  For more information or to register, please visit this form on our website:



Nonviolence International New York

58 West 126 Street

New York, NY  10027

Phone: (347) 674-7730



These crazy times can be quite frightening for people, but it is important to remember that there are a huge number of wonderful people doing wonderful things throughout the world.  The problem is that generally you will never see such things reported in the mainstream media because such positive things are “not newsworthy”.  But you will find such positive things listed and described on the website of the United Nations, and in many other places where such items are the focus of their reporting.


And this is the mission of the Gandhi-King Global Initiative.  We seek to network together the peace and justice organizations that work across the world for the betterment of all humans, animals and the environment, to promote them and inform the public and each other of their existence, so that humanity gets a more positive impression of itself, and finds opportunities to help.


The world is full of positive people and activities – let’s work together to help amplify their stories.


Would you like to become a Network Member?


Groups, academic programs, corporations and individuals concerned about peace, justice and nonviolence are most welcomed !! Please fill out the membership application found at this link:


Also, please consider contributing financially to the work of GKGI, by pressing on this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page for instructions:



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